Etiquettes in Playing Bingo

Having pure luck, or following certain techniques, or even relying on personal superstitions are what some people believe may be the key in playing bingo and winning it. Whatever one’s beliefs are, it is still essential to possess the knowledge about the proper etiquettes and basic rules before entering the world of bingo.

Winning the Game

The player must shout “Bingo!” loud enough to be heard by the floor walker and the caller as soon as he thinks that he won. If a win is confirmed, after the card has been checked, the pot money is given to the winner. Even if a you had already filled out the pattern, you would still be disqualified and unable to take home the pot money, when you did not shout “Bingo!” before the next number is called, and as a player you should know this fact.

When there are two winning cards in a game, the pot money is split equally in half for the two winners. Same principle will be applied if a game will have more than two winners. After all the winners have been verified, the pot money will be divided among them.

Bingo’s Common House Rules

The rules in one bingo hall could be different from others, though they are fundamentally the same. It is wise to read thoroughly and understand the posted rules before the game begins. In order to anticipate a case where there may be new or additional rules, try to find special handouts. It is best not to ask your seatmate instead the floor walker whenever you have a question in mind. In addition, do ask the questions before the game starts or you will end up disrupting your concentration and miss plenty of winning numbers. The same thing should apply for those who are interested to play roulette in casinos, it would help to know the casinos rules even if they are armed with the knowledge on roulette double bet strategy.

You are required be 18 years old and above in order to be a player in most of the bingo halls. While some halls would allow their players to drink a little alcohol, some would prohibit it. Remember to smoke only in designated smoking areas.

While some halls really do not care, some have the no-bringing-in-of-food policy. There are halls that allow reservation of cards, while some bingo halls only allow you to buy cards once you’ve arrived. Players are prohibited to going in and out the hall in certain halls for the duration the games with high stakes. This brings me to one important reminder. Attempting to alter or tamper of your own bingo cards is a big no-no. Having experienced and knowing the game too much are the reasons why you just can’t fool those callers and floor walkers. Not only are you wasting time and effort, but you are also risking yourself to be labeled a cheater, prosecuted and banned at the bingo house for good. The best way to play it is to follow the rules and be honest, and most of all play clean.

Some halls have special bingo kiddie games for children, but in some halls bringing companions while playing are not tolerated at all. Other players will surely be annoyed if little kids will start to run around, so discipline them if you’ll bring them. Bring something to distract and keep them quiet. It can be rude and it will also ruin other player’s concentration if you’ll shout out the remaining numbers you need.  Even when gambling at casinos or just playing roulette, one has to act properly. It is best to always bring a valid ID with photo and other requirements, if you are determined to go for the big time pot. It will be useful in case you’ll win.