Is Flying and Playing Poker the Best Way to Do It?

I do travel a heck of a lot, my job has made me see the whole world. Its shocking how many cultures and traditions I get to see. One of my main monthly tasks is to fly out to America for a few days to speak to the directors of the company. The flight can take as long as 9 hours. This does not go down well with me as I am a kind of energetic person that just wants to run around.

Well this time I was going to be prepared, my company pay for me to travel first class, last time I went I noticed that they had internet access, so I brought my laptop with me. After checking my email for around 30 minutes I decided why not have a little online gamble, my friend had been persuading me for weeks to join up to a online poker site, so I did.

I evenually made my way into a poker room which did seem quite odd as I had only previously played with friends. Anyway I thought I would make the most of it. The next thing I realised was my profits were piling up I had hit some huge jackpots and I was so happy with myself for achieving this. By the time we touched down I have made a fortune, nearly 50k. Ok it's not really rich, but for 7 hours worth of work I think that was a pretty darn good. I will definitely be looking at going back again very promptly, iv worked out that because I go around 12 times every 12 months I could most probably rake in around just over half a million pounds.

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