Poker Buys me Alot

A lot of people try to steer away from gambling because they believe that they will get addicted and end up losing all of their hard earned cash, but I on the other hand think that if done correctly gambling can earn you a nice bit of extra cash like it has for me.

I personally began playing when I was about 20 years old and to be truthful I lost quite a bit of my cash when I first began, I believe it was because I was a bit naïve and thought I was the best player. But I made the decision to become a much better player, so I practiced and practiced and eventually became a very good player.

My special game was poker, I was basically unstoppable and it was earning me a bit of extra poket money. It was not until I got my first internet connection that I got obsessed with something called Rakeback, but it was a lot different online and a whole new ball game, things were a lot harder because you could not see who you were playing against and the whole purpose of poker is being able to tell when someone is bluffing. I again lost a bit of money to begin with but then I started to master the art.

There was a much bigger player base online and the jackpots that I was winning were huge amounts and I started to make a good fortune. Within the matter of a few years I managed to compile enough money to live nicely, so everyone that moans about gambling should at least try to play it.

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