Lottery – Put the Odds in your Favor

Many people try to make money out of their “sure” win lottery tips, but is there really a sure way to ensure winning the lottery? To tell you frankly, there isn’t one. When it comes to the lottery, the only sure winners are the authors of “secret” methods of winning. Not only are you wasting your money which have been brought to good use, but you are also stupid enough to actually believe that there is such a thing as making something sure out of a game of pure luck. As with other games of luck, there really is no way to turn odds in your favor and win the lottery. A good strategy roulette is what online casino players look for.

Very Minimal

Those or the odds of an individual coming out a lottery winner. Same as in bingo, chances of winning can be computed by dividing the number of tickets you’ve purchased by the total tickets sold in a day. Very minimal are your chances of winning in the lottery indeed. Increasing the number of tickets you buy to more than one does not significantly improve the odds of you winning Think about it- there are millions of tickets in the hands of other people. Many people waste an awful lot of cash in buying dozens of lottery tickets. You want to come out a winner? Buy hundreds of thousands of tickets in a day. There’s nothing sillier. Some bulk never makes you a certain winner.

Be Rational

Lottery is a game of luck. Having your mind set on coming out a winner in lottery is extremely unsafe. Actually, you can get so caught up in trying to win back the money you lost in previous tickets that you cannot stop anymore. You may be actually be becoming a gambling addict and not realize it. In the end, you can easily find yourself frustrated and broke. There is never a “sure win” chance in lottery. Remembering that fact keeps you from wasting money for groceries. The best method in lottery is to be practical about it. Promise yourself that you’ll only spend a certain amount in lottery. Make a promise to yourself not to exceed the limits that you set. Never exceed your set amount and waste that lunch money on extra cards. That feeling of excitement you get while watching the balls being drawn is good. It’s an even better feeling to win, even just a small amount. Just play for fun. This attitude must be practiced even while playing roulette in a casino.


Research on what numbers was included in the past two to three days. This may help you on what not to chose. Although this is not a guarantee, these numbers are not really likely to come up again. You might have slightly better chances of winning if you don’t choose the numbers that have won the past few days. It’s also a good idea to buy higher stakes tickets if you plan to buy several tickets because it means there are no winners yet. Higher stakes tickets are much more worth buying than normal ones. It’s much more sweeter to win the lottery when you just play for fun rather than get serious and work for it.