The Real Truth About Roulette Strategies

roulette strategies

Believe it or not, there are many more gambling systems to beat the roulette wheel than any of the other games that are around.

A system can give you an edge over the others, but please do not expect to systematically play to the riches in a casino. There are two things you might want to be aware of before you attempt to win at every roulette game. Do you think it is possible to win at every game? Do you think that even if you could really win at every game you have bet on, the casino will not do anything about it? Now, I think you get the picture already.

If you heavily rely on probabilities and play blindly, you are definitely going to burn more fingers than you have left. A well devised plan will enable you to cutyour losses, increase your wins and simultaneously make you a winner at almost every game. Those who heavily rely on probability only win 1 out of 10 games, while you win the other 9.

A great roulette system is one that willhelp you increase your profitsand cut downyour losses. A strategy that doesn’t help you win is a useless one. An effective roulette strategy is one that requires time and analysis to create. You can’t conjure it overnight.

If you are observant enough, you would realise that roulette strategies that are dependent on conditional probability are just pure thrash. These strategies do not guarantee consistent results and usually cause you to lose more than what you have.

the fact is the results of the roulette wheel is never affected by the prior spins that are made. Each spin made is a fresh new spin and you can’t really tell where the ball will go at all. And if you rely on a probability strategy, you would very probably not be able to see even a thread of light on winning.

Think about it, if the casino doesn’t have any advantage over the wheel and you were paid 38 to 1 (37 to 1 for a single zero wheel) instead of 36 to 1 on numbers and you did not lose on any of the outside bets when the outcome was zero during the last few times that you played the roulette, would you be even with your money now? In actual fact, it wouldn’t actually make too much of a difference. You would end up winning or losing by much more than 5.26%.

There are 2 big elements that will determine your outcome at the roulette table, namely:

1. Your luck on the day.

2. Quitting at the best moment.

Hence, if you were to design a roulette strategy, you need to determine when is the most profitable time to quit while being aware of how the tide can turn anytime due the element of luck.

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